Halifax transit can’t be worse…

…than that in St. John’s. But it’s been several years since I was reliant on public transit in Halifax so I can’t say I have a thoroughly accurate appreciation for the current landscape. However, I’ll avoid putting the St John’s Metro on too much of a blast by noting that their drivers are always incredibly nice. I’ve even had them apologize to me for being late before. It’s just a shitty city to drive in.

Anyways, what brings this up is the recent reports after a meeting held in Sunnyside Mall to discuss the moving forward of a rail link between Fall River – Bedford – Halifax. My mind boggled as I had never considered this as an option, while it should have been obvious, seeing as there are wretched train tracks looming all around the harbour and basin. To that point, as mentioned in the news, the tracks are already there – they just need to be utilized.

I personally suspect I’d find use for such a system as I hate driving into the city from the South Shore. If I could park in Bedford and take the train downtown my visits would be infinitely more pleasant. Finding parking on all those one-way streets is a nightmare. I’m not the most confident of drivers. Can you imagine the city with less congestion? Marvellous.

Of course it would open up the possibility of extended service outside the city. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of train transportation so perhaps this comes as a little biased, but Nova Scotia is generally not an accessible place to those without a car. Via Rail is all well and good up towards Moncton. But consider having a train link from the metro area up to the Valley, as far as Annapolis Royal, perhaps, and down the South Shore, to Bridgewater at least. It’s definitely a throwback to the transportation of the past, but updated to meet modern demands, it could really have some merit.

If only these things moved somewhat faster than molasses.

(article from CBC here)


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