Ancient History News Roundup: Feb 21 – 27

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Short list this week, just a few things I wanted to include!

Medieval gold hoard in Israel (link here)

The largest hoard of medieval gold coins ever found in Israel has been uncovered. It was found by amateur divers, and it is suspected there is a shipwreck nearby to account for the find. The coins were in fantastic condition and apparently didn’t need any conservation when they were brought up.

Roman tombstone found in Cirencester (link here)

A tombstone belonging to a 27-year old woman named Bodica (or variations thereof) was found in situ. The skeleton close by is believed to be the one associated with the stone. Other burials in the plot indicate a family cemetery. It’s amazing that this piece is intact.

‘Rome in the Provinces’ show at Boston College (link here)

A new show at the McMullen Museum of Art aims to show the relationship between the city of Rome and the provinces of the empire. With exhibits borrowed from a number of institutions, it will explore whether Roman influence on provinces is reciprocal, and if there is visible evidence that the capital was just as influenced in return. This show is on until June 5th.

The Roman Mysteries series by Caroline Lawrence (Review) (link here)

More of a reference for myself than anything else, this is a short review about a chilren’s series set in Roman Ostia. I’d love to have a read of this, it’s apparently short (as it is for children) but no reason to not find it entertaining.



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