Bouctouche, New Brunswick


Two summers ago my mother and I went on a road trip up through New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. We like to take these trips just at the end of August, before I move away for the next school year. With graduation coming up and plans to take some time off before trying another degree, I was wondering whether these end-of-summer trips are coming to an end, too.

Going up along the coast of New Brunswick was strange and nostalgic. I hadn’t been there since I was a very young child, and the places were unfamiliar but at the same time, seemed to be extracted from a memory. I took this photo on a boardwalk just north of Bouctouche. It looked like it went on forever, trailing along a spit of land that stuck out in the Northumberland Strait. To the left, were you to look out from this photo, you’d catch a glimpse of Prince Edward Island in the distance, across the strait. Wind turbines speckled the distance, looking tiny and making it clear how distant they were.

I have a friend who has swum that distance. It’s more than fourteen kilometres, and took her hours and hours. I don’t think I grasped the real gravity of what she had done until I remembered looking at those tiny wind turbines.


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