Ancient History News Roundup: January 24-30

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Lego Pompeii Exhibit at the Nicolson Museum (link to article)

Sydney University’s Nicolson Museum has rolled out a giant model of Pompeii built entirely out of Lego blocks. It took over 190,000 blocks and 470 hours to create this thing, and it looks fantastic. It apparently shows several phases of Pompeii’s image-20150116-5165-tym394history, from pre-volcano, post-volcano, discovery in the 1700s, and what it looks like today. The exhibit runs until December 31st, 2015. This model has been bringing into discussion what is appropriate for display in a museum, questioning traditionalist views that only ‘authentic’ items should be on display.

Red Paint in Colosseum Walls (link to article)

Discovery News posted earlier this week about the identification of red paint found on the walls of the Colosseum in Rome, suggesting that the numbers were used to help spectators get to their seats. How very contemporary! Anytime there is news about the Colosseum it tends to get a lot of traction as it’s such a well-known site from antiquity. It won’t be surprising to many classicists that the Romans liked bright colours and painted their surroundings accordingly. It’s great to find some traces of the paint though, as time rarely permits much colour to survive, especially on a structure that has some exposure to the elements.

Prehistoric Human Skull Found in Israel (link to article)

A partial skull was found in the cave of Manot in northern Israel, said to be the oldest remains of a modern human outside of Africa. It sounds like there are a number of other exciting prehistoric artifacts found in the cave, too, including tools and animal calviabones. This find goes a long way to support theories of human migration out of Africa around 60,000 years ago. Very cool!

Ancient Column Found in Cyprus (link to article)

The top of an ancient column was found by construction workers at Ayia Thekla on the coast of Cyprus. No word on the details about this piece so far, apparently they reburied what they found and notified the antiquities department. An excavation is being planned, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens!

Northern Greek Tomb Excavations (link to article)

We’ve all been following the reports about the tomb found and excavated in northern Greece, and the speculation that it may belong to Alexander the Great’s mother, Olympias. The tomb has been dated to around the right time period, but there’s no conclusions being drawn about the occupants of the place. Now we’re hearing that there probably won’t be any results for quite some time as everyone tries to figure out what the deal is.

Did I miss anything that interested you from this week? Let me know in the comments!


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