Podcasts I’m Listening To (January 2015)

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This month I added a couple of new podcasts to my regular rotation. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on my iPhone these days that I recommend!

1. the memory palace (http://thememorypalace.us)
This podcast is a series of short stories, ranging anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes. They come out pretty sporadically but there’s a good number of them up on iTunes (where I listen to my podcasts). Nate DiMeo, the creator, defends the lack of scheduling as allowing him to work on each piece as long as necessary. I think it’s pretty fair. I’ll definitely be sad once I’ve listened through all the stories, though. My favourites so far are Episode 16 (Secret Kitty) and Episode 17 (Plummeting Approval). Yes, they are the first two I listened to. I still think they’re great starting points, but you can probably start anywhere.

2. No Such Thing As A Fish (http://qi.com/podcast/) 14181257681396016089nst-artwork-square-364
I love watching QI, I think i’ve seen every episode. I got hooked on it while I was living in the UK, and the seasons don’t come out nearly often enough for my liking, so I’m really pleased I started listening to the podcast associated with the show. I’ve also always been curious about the researchers for the show, as it seems like possibly the greatest job ever, so hearing from them directly is pretty cool. Everyone involved will bring an interesting fact to the episode and they’ll take turns discussing. I’ll admit that premise sounds a little boring but if you love trivia, this is definitely the sort of thing that will appeal. Again, you can start with any episode.

3. The Egyptian History Podcast (http://egyptianhistory.libsyn.com)
Another podcast that I will admit I am not completely caught up on, but am working through from the beginning. I needed some background knowledge about Egyptology for my thesis so started listening to this podcast last summer, after reviewing a couple that were related to Egyptian history. The first couple of episodes were redone after their initial recording, so I can’t speak to how they originally were, but I found it engaging and easy to follow. I wouldn’t hesitate to listen to it on x1.5 speed sometimes, though, but that’s just my preference. Definitely start at the beginning if you either have no knowledge of Egyptology or want a very thorough understanding; if you just want to sample, grab any episode that sounds interesting to you.

4. The Thrilling Adventure Hour (http://thrillingadventurehour.com)mza_3634691790099778933.600x600-75
This is hands-down my favourite podcast and I have been listening for a while. Unfortunately I think I heard rumour that they’re going to be winding down their podcasts in the next year to roll out a visual project instead, which I will definitely still watch, but I’ll miss the audio format. Luckily there’s a ton of episodes in existence and you can log some lengthy hours working through the archives. The show is recorded live, usually in LA, in front of an audience, and there are several different ongoing series within the larger program. My favourite is Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars, but I love all the others as well. I introduced my brother to the Sparks episodes over Christmas and we listened through every single one together. Though the plots of each episode are generally self-contained, there are larger stories at work, so I suggest starting from the beginning of whichever ones you are interested in. And I will admit that some of the very early episodes are a little less engaging than the more recent ones, but still absolutely worth listening to.

Hope you give these a listen! I’ve got a bunch more downloaded to give a try, so i’ll do another rundown soon.


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