Oblogatory introduction

I wanted to try and start off my blog with something personal but also adorable so I found a photo of myself when I was a wee baby to kick things off. Last time I was at my parent’s house I started to scan the boxes of old family photos. My mom keeps saying we should do it in case there’s a house fire and we lost everything (they live in a wooden house, and are kind of paranoid because of some near misses).

I’ve made a list of things I want to cover on this blog that aren’t really things i’d be interested in putting on my tumblr, which is mostly just reblogs and me complaining about things, anyways. I want to do some reviews of movies, books, music, and all sorts of other consumables that I work my way through (and might to a feature on some of my favourites to get started…) I’ve also got a lot of photographs from travel and different adventures, that I probably will share with some anecdotes, when I stumble across good ones.

I’ve put a bunch of links to other content and things in my ‘about’ page, but there’s probably more to be included later. This is just the beginning. šŸ™‚


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